COVID-19 UPDATE: How Own The Night Productions is responding

While movie theaters and other attractions remain closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are able to go outside and hike or ride their bike as long as they practice safe social distancing from other people.

Own the Night Productions is helping provide entertainment while complying to COVID-19 Social Distancing Guidelines.

Drive-In Movies and Drive-In Concerts

Safety Measures to follow social distancing guidelines: 
People have to stay inside their vehicles- which does include a truck bed. People are not allowed to stand, sit, or otherwise be outside the vehicle. Vehicles will be more than six feet from one another.


Restrooms are available for events; markers will designate 6 foot intervals to assist with social distancing standards. Restroom visits will be limited to individuals, unless assisting a child or elderly.  Service animals are the only animals allowed at these events.

Live Stream Concerts

Social Hour:

If you are a local artist we can immortalize the moment, tell your story, capture the action and deliver it to anyone you want. Our services include video walls for IMAG, multiple camera live switching, recording and content creation.

If you would like to watch a live-stream concert please join Own The Night Productions and support your local artists during our Social Hour!

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