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The PA system is the first point of contact of any live performance. We can all remember a “great mix” and even more memorable is the “bad mix.” We don’t like the “bad mix.” This is one of our biggest pledges: Your show will sound GREAT. It is considered an OTNPro standard practice and is the sole reason why we can claim to be a premier production group. This goes beyond the venue. Our staff have spent years perfecting their craft and we have spent millions to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need/when you need it. Setting up your PA takes more thought and practice than simply hoisting speakers into the air. There is always careful deployment according to venue, size, coverage, architecture, seating and schedule. 



Video tells a story, your story. Crystal clear images and seamless visual integration has become a standard in live production. Projection, LED Wall, Live Stream and Broadcast Camerawork of the highest quality are essential to replicate the experience. In this critical age of high production value there is a strict regimen of, what we call, resolution refresh. Where 1080p was an industry protocol, 4k is now considered a production standard with 8k showing its head in the consumer markets. We pride ourselves in providing top-of-the-line gear that remain industry relevant and utilize the proper professionals to engineer your story. 



A concert lighting rig does more than just light the performer. The goal is to liven the musical performance with color and movement. Lighting effects will enhance the audience engagement and create lasting images that burn into people’s memories. Moving fixtures, LED fixtures, and conventional lighting are the basis of all theatrical lighting. The job doesn’t stop after the lights are designed and positioned. The operator then takes over to translate the performance back to audience.  This job is more unique than just reinforcing the performance as an Audio Engineer would; the lighting rig must enhance the performance and tell the story in color and rhythm. 



LED wall displays have emerged as a wonderful alternative to video projection, allowing video playback where there once was difficulty. We have the cure for displays that are washed out and cumbersome. Our LED panels are vivid and allow you to custom build display walls in an infinite array of shapes and configurations to enhance your story and enforce your script. Designed for quick installation and removal, our light weight, high performance walls deliver high resolution and high contrast images in a rigid yet light weight form factor. It’s so simple to transform your event. 



High quality event production demands a great platform to stage it all. We provide modular stage formats and sizes to accommodate all events. We are certified in an array of different mobile stage units. We are a premier provider/operator for Washington’s only 5th gen SL100, all up to date with current engineering stamps and 2020 construction codes. Our units are stamped to withstand gusts of wind up to 110 mph! #putastageonit for your next event. 


Air Screen & Projection

Perfect for movies in the park or drive-in movies. OTN owns the largest outdoor screen on the west coast. It stands at an impressive 50 feet tall and 120 feet wide! Visible from over 500 feet! 4k quality/22,000 lumen projection will light up the night sky at the venue of your choosing. Help your community relive the motion picture memories from their childhood. Inquire about bookings here.



Even great gear is just gear if it’s not handled, installed, operated, and removed with care by a high-quality, hardworking crew of specialists. The OTN crew is truly the best around. We have over 15 years of experience in live event productions. Rest assured, with our hand-picked team, your event is in very good hands. We provide the best in audio, video, lighting, staging, media production, and event direction to handle your production needs. 


Our event specialists have a CAREER of talent that they bring to every show. From the earliest planning phases of your event, you can have faith that our team of professionals are creating your story with the highest level of expertise. OTNPro is, above all, quality driven with a focus on safety and customer service. Our crew members are chosen especially for you; and without a missed step our professional staff is trained to troubleshoot in all situations.


Collaborate with our Crew for your next event!



The Post-Covid world will always recognize live streaming as a new norm for life as we know it. Streaming has always been a service that OTN has offered. We believe in streaming as a better way to connect with not only our audience but our customers and staff. We provide hi-fi streaming services for all kinds of performances. From studio solo artists, to full band concerts, to public addresses and church services. Our website is a host to Social Hour, our very own episodic concert series.



To us, a nightmare can be a way of life. We love our haunts division of OTN! Annually we provide a haunted house and haunted hayride to our partners at Thomas Family Farm. A great team of directors, designers, carpenters, effects specialists, actors, and tractor operators come together to provide a chilling haunted story every year. Always a new theme and always a fright. Come join in the fun this October... if you dare! Contact us If you need services, props, or special effects for your Halloween celebration!


turn key solutions

A show is only as good as its crew and equipment. We have the best quality stagehands, servers, bartenders, technicians, and designers from all over the Pacific Northwest. We have the audio, video, lighting and staging you need to make your event a success. Please put your vision to work with the right crew for the job. We employ hands with a career of knowledge and expertise on any work site. Every planning stage well taken care of and safety the forefront of every decision. Excellence in customer service and leaders to follow through. To book your next crew for a complete event with all the bells and whistles have confidence in OTN.

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