Video tells a story, your story. Crystal clear images and seamless visual integration has become a standard in live production. Projection, LED Wall, Live Stream and Broadcast Camera work of the highest quality are essential to replicate the experience.
In this critical age of high production value there is a strict regimen of, what we call, resolution refresh. Where 1080p was an industry protocol not long ago, 4k is now considered a production standard with 8k following in the not too distant future.
We pride ourselves in providing top-of-the-line gear that remain industry relevant and utilize industry professionals to engineer your story they way you want it to be perceived and projected.

live streaming

Streaming is a great way to reach your broadest audiences. Our Post-Covid world has taught us that live streaming is also essential.
We provide hi-fi streaming services for an ever-growing array of performances. Whether its studio solo artists, full band concerts, comedy, public addresses, or church services. Included in our services are video walls for IMAG, multiple camera live switching, recording and content creation.


Look out soon for our very own live streaming concert series, The Social Hour.

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