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Concert Quality Sound

An audio signal should satisfy the expected/preferred hearing sensation of the individual listener. The quality of delivered audio to the audience can make an immeasurable difference in the experience attendees can have.  Much goes into delivering the right separation, definition and volume.  Whether seated in the front row or the last, it is our mission to provide the audience the ability to hear every word and every nuance as it was meant to be heard.  We can help to select the right system for your venue and audience size to ensure an awesome experience for all.

JBL Professional Series

Drawing on JBL’s long history of groundbreaking technology and loudspeaker design, the SRX800 Series meets the needs of touring houses, installations, and the most demanding live sound applications ensuring they can deploy a no-compromise, all-in-one solution featuring legendary JBL sound and performance, a wide array of configurability, and compatibility with JBL’s flagship touring systems.

The full range 12" and 15" two-way speakers, features legendary JBL Drivers, proprietary 2,000 Watt Crown amplification, Crown Front-End DriveCore Technology, premium JBL user-configurable DSP, V5 Tunings compatible with Vertec and VTX touring systems, and HiQnet Network control options via iOS and Android applications.


Sound Bridge

Own the Night Productions has officially partnered with  Sound Bridge Acoustic Labs; our United States manufacture, to provide the highest quality equipment to complete the ultimate experience.


XYON Advanced Line Array products feature Sound Bridge’s signature QUAD-ONE™ active wave guide technology enabling very high system efficiency with industry leading dynamic range for more headroom: Typical XYON rigs use HALF the number of boxes to generate the same SPL and coverage with lower distortion as compared with traditional line array systems



QUAD-ONE™ active wave guide technology in 

concert with Q-Drive™and WaveShaper™ technology 

offer exceptional dynamics and transient response

with well controlledbroadband polar performance

resulting in high fidelity sound. XYON™ systems

produce dynamic sound that conveys emotion that is more natural and less processed as compared to traditional “PA sound”. 


Designed for the concert sound industry and the high-end installation market where extremely high output and sonic precision are critical, the SLICETM Series of high-performance stage monitors stand above the pack.

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